Storage Modernization

Using Object Storage, NoSQL, Replication, Snapshots and Cloning are all smart ways to leverage efficiency and cost savings.

Platform Migrations

Leveraging the cloud means not just upgrading and re-hosting databases but possible also migration between big endian and little endian.

Upgrades and Patching

We use smart methodologies to upgrade your databases or applications including several dry runs to get comfortable and confident in go lives.

Cloud in Baby Steps

Let us help you ease into the cloud with phased approaches and selective service moves limiting downtimes and at the same time incrementally improving your footprint stability and supportability.

Things We Can Help With


Protecting your data and services at-rest and in-transit are mutually important.


Meet compliance regulations by leveraging cloud industry certified solutions.

Multiple Environments

Ensure you have appropriate development, stage, production environments.

Disaster Recovery

Leverage native cloud DR and Continuity options.



Migrating appropriate services to the wildly popular serverless options.


If feasible convert transaction based databases to noSQL for speed and lower costs.

Object Storage

Utilization of object storage for data cost savings and restic backups.

Containers and Orchestration

Docker and Kubernetes or Docker Swarm.

Our Goal


We strive to give our customers the best solutions and reliability. We work hard to achieve it. Great design must be both, simple and efficient. Services that pass these conditions will be flexible and grow with your business.

Piece of mind

There is no reason why small businesses can't get their feet wet with running one or two services in the cloud. We want to help you slowly migrate some of your non production services into the cloud and let you decide when you feel comfortable about the reliability and cost-savings to continue.


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